Reach Your Next BIG Business Goal Faster + Stronger.
...In a Way that Feels Good AND Magnetizes Your Business to Your Ideal Clients
Set 2018 and Beyond Up for SUCCESS... with Your Heart + Soul Business Thriving.
Leverage the Power of Soulful, Strategic Branding with Personalized Breakthrough Coaching.
Weekly Breakthrough + Strategy Calls Combined with 3 Months of In-Depth, Bite-Size Training 
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Are YOU Ready to Grow Your Business In Flow + On Fire?
"My time has flown by! I have loved every minute

Every module and every call was packed with life-giving nuggets for my business and life! her process of uncovering my brand and deepening into the joyful process has been truly inspiring. 

I have rediscovered passion and fire in my self and my business
I'm so grateful!" 

- Kim Overpeck
"I feel as if this is in the top 3 things I have done in my life to recalibrate who I am, most importantly, and how I show up in my business. The wisdom, the space, the insight and the value has been incredible. I don't think that I knew what to expect when I enrolled, but it has been mind-blowing

Thank you for being courageous and starting up this amazing program. Thank you for honoring each of us as we journeyed through our own stuff. Thank you for your wisdom with business that has enabled me to really think about and who up as who I authentically am."

- Mish Pope
"Where I was, compared to where I am now, is night and day. Before I started In Flow + On Fire, I was so stuck… continually back-peddling. My business was suffering. My relationships were suffering. 

It's not just me in my own heart feeling this transformation... so many people around me see it, too. I tell everyone I have learned so much from Quinn, my "soul cheerleader." She has offered me health not only in my business and relationships, but I'm also down 40 pounds! 

It's so much more than marketing and branding that Quinn offers. This program has been amazing. I can't even put a dollar amount on what this has meant to me and how it's changed my life."

- Jande La'ulu
"I felt like I was in a hell of my own creation. I've been in business for 5 years and after 3 years of hustling, I was completely burned out.

If the person I was when I started this program could see the person I am now, she would have been astonished. I still have so much work to do, but I know exactly what it is I have to do.

I can give my kids everything they need and still build a business, and it's because of everything Quinn taught me. I feel like a different person, I've come so far. I was in a very dark place when I first came to Quinn and that dark place is long gone. 

Not only that, my business has increased 40% since starting In Flow + On FireI am a HUGE fan.

- Kelley Birrell

Take Your Business + Life to the Next EPIC Level with In Flow + On Fire...
Make 2018 Your Biggest + Best Year Yet!
In In Flow + On Fire, we'll help you:

Grow your business faster and stronger with soulful, strategic branding

Develop and create a brand that makes your business absolutely magnetic to your ideal clients (while saving massive amounts of time, money and energy)

Step more into your genius zone on all levels so you're bringing your best and not getting stuck in subconscious self-sabotage

Make more sales than ever before, while having WAY MORE FUN in your business

Attract the epic opportunities you're hoping for... easier and faster

Experience powerful clarity to know and confidently take your next steps

Dial in on exactly where to focus your energy and efforts to reach your goals (while navigating how to let the rest go... so you can grow your business faster with greater life balance)

Get out of your own way to create the life and business you've been dreaming of

Finish 2017 strong and set up 2018 for massive business success
Time to Make a BIGGER IMPACT with Your Business
"My time here has been an absolute joy! I have loved learning and growing from each one of you (especially Quinn)! 

My husband and I were just kind of floundering and grasping at straws, trying to figure out what direction to take with our business. We now have the tools and the mindset to create exactly what we want. It's been an amazing journey.

- Marisa Johnson
"In the beginning I had a hard time accepting that this was my time to take care of myself.. and that I deserved it and was worthy of it. The last few years I gave so much to my family, so this was my time to be nurtured. I know it's important to keep our own cups filled.

The energy piece of In Flow + On Fire was a surprise and a true gift. Thank you, Quinn. I love the journey you took us through and feel so grateful." 

- Christine King
The World Needs Your Magic.
Weekly Breakthrough Sessions
Having a rough day... maybe a rough week? Attend these weekly live calls to breakthrough faster and stay on track with your goals. Find your fire and thrive in your zone of genius. Stay in alignment with your heart and soul, while creating a more successful, thriving business.
Weekly Soul Brand Strategy Sessions
Should you adjust the name of your business? What's the best way to bring your brand into your marketing? Get those questions answered by Quinn in real time every week to keep your brand and business on track for massive success.
DIY Branding Tutorials
Keep your branding simple and fabulous by utilizing Quinn's tutorials on how to use easy tools (like apps on your phone) to brand your business beautifully. Receive direction on how to create your brand in a way that is both inspired and super easy to maintain.
Private Powerhouse Support Group
Lean into the "genius zone" with your fellow soulpreneurs in our private Facebook group. Receive feedback on the fun things you're trying in your branding and business while gaining a support network of purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are excited to cheer you on!
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